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Translation Bureau

Translation Bureau of the Kharkov Chamber of Commerce and Industry provides translation services both in Kharkov and throughout Ukraine. Having long-standing experience in document translation of any complexity, Kharkov CCI offers you to benefit from the remote translation services in Kharkov using our online service.

Professional translators experienced with all the ins and outs of the technical, medical, and other types of translation and two level revision by our editorial staff let us take a leading position in the market of translation services both in Kharkov and in the region. These days, thanks to internet opportunities, everyone who needs high quality and fast translation, both the residents from any point of Ukraine and legal entities, can experience benefits from collaboration with the specialists from the Translation Department of Kharkov CCI.



The advantages of working with KCCI:

  • Huge work experience
    We work since 1925
  • Comprehensive remote servicing
    if you do not have the possibility to come to us
  • Favorable prices
    We announce the price before we start the work
  • Only experienced specialists:
    specialized translators with minimum of 7 years experience
  • With large orders:
    we provide free-of-charge test translation of one page
Types of work performed
  • Written translation

    - technical translation;

    - legal translation;

    - medical translation;

    - pharmaceutical translation;

    - economic translation;

    - shipping documents translation;

    - personal purpose documents translation.

  • Interpretation

    Simultaneous and consecutive interpretation services for negotiations, business meetings taking place in Kharkov. Eskort of official delegations and representatives from the foreign business circles during the installation and commissioning of equipment for enterprises.

  • Well protected translation.

    Compliance with privacy policies and data security are among main priorities of our Translation Department.

    When you need the translation of documents containing trade secrets, we undertake all the necessary measures to protect your information

  • Language translations

How to order online translation?

  • 1

    Attach a file for translation


  • 2

    Our editor will contact you for details

  • 3

    Pay for your order using the most convenient payment method

  • 4

    Receive finished translation in the shortest time possible

Need help?

We will call you back ASAP - just send us with your phone number

Our clients:

Samoilenko Elena
Head of Translation Agency E-mail: trans@kcci.kharkov.ua, azbuka@kcci.kharkov.ua, romano@kcci.kharkov.ua, oip@kcci.kharkov.ua, skype: perevody.kcci
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(050) 325-91-90