of product codes as per ukrainian classification
to codes
as per TARIC

and other international classifiers

Correspondence of product codes as per ukrainian classification to codes as per TARIC (Integrated Tariff of the European Community)


To date, in the world economic community, the foundation of the nomenclature for the classification of goods in customs tariffs is the Harmonized Commodity Description and Coding System (HS).

The TARIC — Integrated Tariff of the European Community — is created on the basis of the Combined Nomenclature of the European Union that, in turn, is

Cost of the service on determining the product code as per the TARIC

(depending on complexity and urgency):

from 1440,00 UAH, including VAT

per 1 product item

Period of work execution: for typical, simple products – 4–5 working days, in case of full prepayment.

In a prompt manner work can be performed within 8 working hours, subject to the availability of complete information about a product (the tariff is increased by 100 %).

The certificate may be required:

For a correct determination of the customs duty in the importing country and the size of additional taxes (VAT, excise, etc.),
For determination of the goods export-import regimes,
For comparison of customs tariffs and statistical data on foreign trade.
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The product codes as per ukrainian classification (The Ukrainian Classification of Goods of Foreign Economic Activity) is built on the basis of the Harmonized System and the Combined Nomenclature of the European Union (CN). The EU Combined Nomenclature (CN) is the tariff and statistics classification that is based on the HS international classification, in which the code as per the CN consists of 8 digits.

The TARIC (Tarif Integre de la Communaute) is the integrated tariff of the European Community that is created on the basis of the CN and comprises the Community legislation. The TARIC is the direct basis for the preparation of the working tariff of the EU Member States. It is mandatory to use the TARIC codes in customs and statistical declarations in trade with third countries.

TARIC code includes additional sub-subitems required for describing the products, to which certain measures of the Community are applied. It contains the actual applied rates of preferential duties and rates of duty for third countries and reflects all the trade policy measures.


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