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Valuation of movable property

The widest type of assessment works is assessment of all types of property. The property is in this sense means different objects of the material world. The property can be owned by both physical and legal persons, it can be movable, immovable, mortgage and even arrested. The property  value assessment refers to determination of the price on it  performed by a qualified appraiser.

Specialists of the Kharkov Chamber of Commerce and Industry are highly qualified experts. We only use proven and contemporary techniques; regularly update all the necessary reference books, software systems and professional literature.


Expert assessment of the property
Advantages of the Kharkov Chamber of Commerce and Industry:

  • Recognition by the authorities.
    The independent expert report issued by the Chamber is recognized by all authorities, banks and credit institutions.
  • Professionalism.
    Сertified specialists-evaluators with a high level of qualification are engaged in assessment.
  • Objectivity, reliability and confidentiality -
    can be guaranteed by our specialists.
  • A rich experience,
    that allows to make assessment of any complexity in the shortest possible time in accordance with all requirements.
  • Вы получите Отчет об оценке, выполненный качественно и в кратчайшие сроки.

Valuation of property

Various objects of property belonging to legal persons, natural persons and the state fall under the concept of "property". It can be:

  • Property (residential and non-residential property);
  • Transport vehicles (automotive transport, agricultural and special equipment, etc.);
  • Equipment;
  • Goods in stock or goods in circulation;
  • Other property.

What is a valuation of property?

Valuation of property is necessary in many cases:

  • to conduct buying and selling transactions, to access the heirship or disperse ownership of property;;

  • to transfer property as collateral in the case of crediting;
  • to transfer property for rent;
  • to evaluate the contribution to the authorized capital;
  • in the event of writing off, disposition of assets;
  • to conduct inventory and take other management decisions.

Frequently Asked Questions
What documents are provided to appraiser to assess property?

In the course of conducting valuation of property the expert need some documents reflecting the major physical and legal characteristics property to be evaluated. The number and variety of documents depend on the type of the object being evaluated. The documentation that is provided to the expert assists in identification of a particular property (passport, technical information) and confirms the right of property (the contract on sale, certificate of ownership and other documents). Contact us and we will provide you with a full list of documents for your particular case.

Is there a question?

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Valentina Zhuravleva
Expert of the Department on Examination and Certification of Goods Origin