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Representation of interests

in economic courts

Interests in economic courts


In accordance with the Commercial Procedural Code of Ukraine, disputes arising between business entities (entrepreneurs, state bodies, local governments) are subject to resolution within the system of economic courts. The Commercial Court has established itself as a professional body in the state judicial system.

However, practice shows that successful protection of interests in these cases requires a significant and practical experience and extensive theoretical knowledge. The experience of the Chamber's lawyers allows to support cases of any complexity in the economic court, promptly respond to client requests and represent their interests throughout Ukraine.

The Chamber’s specialists will qualitatively protect your interests in the economic courts of Ukraine on the following issues:

protection of interests in disputes arising from the conclusion, amendment, termination and execution of business contracts;
representation of interests in bankruptcy cases;
resolution of corporate disputes and other cases referred to the competence of economic courts.
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Representation of interests in economic courts in Kharkiv

There is a list of business disputes, in resolving of which we can assist:

  • Collection of receivables, penalties, fines, as well as disputes related to reparation of damages.
  • Disputes related to the conclusion, alteration, termination or invalidation of contracts.
  • Judicial disputes on investments in real estate, construction, and land assets.
  • Disputes related to settlements for delivered goods or services rendered.
  • Recognition of ownership and other property rights of a legal entity.
  • Initiation of bankruptcy proceedings.
  • Disputes related to construction contracts.
  • Corporate and other business disputes.
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