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Foreign Market Research

Qualitative market analysis enables to quickly find free market niches, choose the most attractive target market, and better understand a consumer of a company's commodity.

The main goal of research is to give understanding of what will happen on a market after introducing your product or changing its main features (price, form, place and way of sale, potential target audience). The analysis of a market gives understanding of the current market situation, whilst the market research evaluates the results of alternative solutions related to the market, product, consumers, distributors and suppliers.

Stages research of foreign markets:

  • To increase your market share
  • To develop new marketchannels
  • To reduce expenditures on marketing and increase its effectiveness
  • To launch new brand or product to the market

Chamber's specialists offer market research services for the following industries:

Service Providers Education Tourism Construction Healthcare Commodities
Advertising & PR
Agro-Industrial Complex & Agrocultural
Retail Automotive Industry Food Service
Why do we need market research?

The market analysis shall enable a manufacturer to obtain the information on the following directions:

  • competitors' market research: identification of the actual competitors within the given area,revelation of the new products, tracing of the price policy, goods segmentation, etc.;
  • determination of the prospects of selling the goods os services in a given point of sale (region) and determination of the level of price acceptability, monitoring of the retail and wholesale prices;
  • testing of the new product samples, their package, logo and name;
  • exploration of effectiveness of an advertising, advertising testing;
  • revelation of the consumers' taste preferences (through locations or during focus-group interviews);
  • study of the consumer attitudes before launching a new product range or trade mark;
  • evaluation of the products image and brand.

Market analysis will help you to evaluate production risks, calculate profits and neccessary expenditures. For a manufacturer who has decided to perform a market analysis it is neccessary to consider the fact that like any marketing research, the analysis of a market only makes sense if it entrusted to the professionals.

Why do clients choose us?
  • Research promptness
  • Affordable prices
  • Analytics and conclusions
  • Useful recommendations

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