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core services
Legal services - agency in Kharkiv
Legal consulting on foreign economic activities
  • Selection of a customs regime
  • Development of foreign economic contracts
  • Determination of a customs value
  • Foreign exchange regulation in foreign trade activities
  • Calculation of duties, excises and taxes
  • Certification of documents
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You do not need to hire employees, organize workplaces, buy equipment and specialized software.
Small business

Small business

Do you want to reduce your expenditures on a lawyer? We will provide you with legal outsourcing.
Medium and large business

Medium and large business

Our experts will provide you with professional assistance on specific issues of economic activity, including foreign economic activity.
We speak a language you understand
We speak a language you understand
Terms and cost are fixed in the contract
Terms and cost are fixed in the contract
Flexible terms of payment
Flexible terms of payment
We are ready to start working on your question even today
We are ready to start working on your question even today
Legal services from the KCCI

Main advantages of
legal consulting

Legal services

Any entrepreneur, both an individual and a legal entity, needs legal support. It may be necessary all the time for medium or large businesses, or it may be required as legal issues arise. 

In case of using services of a third-party lawyer, the client receives the following benefits:

  • no need to create a separate workplace for an employee;
  • absence of such costs as: salary, bonuses, sick leave, etc., as well as the need, in this regard, to pay the relevant taxes;
  • selection of certain legal services, including turnkey services;
  • legal support on a temporary basis (at the customer’s request) and for a fixed fee.
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Legal services
Legal services
Legal services
Legal services
Our work in real cases
case 1:

A client asked for help in analyzing a draft contract sent to the client by a foreign contractor. Based on the results of the contract analysis, the client was explained the possible risks, since the contract contained conditions of delivery, payment, liability, and dispute resolution not in the court of Ukraine that were unfavorable for the client.

Our specialists prepared a draft contract on terms favorable to the client that was subsequently signed by the parties. As a result, a successful deal was closed, and the client was satisfied.

case 2:

A client received a claim for the urgent return of a large amount of debt under the agreement that could lead to bankruptcy and applied to the KhCCI. Having performed an analysis, the specialists of the KhCCI provided consultations on possible ways out of this situation, prepared responses to the claim and requests related to the counterparty.

As a result, the client signed an additional agreement on payment by installments that made it possible to develop in the future, without prejudice to the company.

case 3:

During a quarantine period, an enterprise failed to carry out repair work, as its supplier had not delivered equipment on time due to the temporary suspension of activities caused by quarantine restrictions. The enterprise needed a postponement of the work completion date.

Having received a document prepared by the Kharkiv Chamber of Commerce and Industry, the company managed to resolve the issue of postponing the repair work with the counterparty.

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Frequently asked questions of our clients
What should the company do, if it wants to use the legal services of specialists of the Kharkiv Chamber of Commerce and Industry?
♦ first of all, inform us what kind of help you need by calling, visiting us in person, or by placing a request at the KhCCI website;
♦ then, send documents by e-mail or submit in writing for the purpose of analyzing the situation by our specialists;
♦ upon review of information and documents, the CCI specialists will immediately provide oral advice (if possible) or contact you if the issue requires a more detailed clarification or an analysis of the current legislation and existing practice.
How will the cost of legal services be calculated?
The cost is calculated depending on the amount of information and documents subject to the analysis, complexity of the situation, urgency of rendering services and other factors. The cost of legal services can be paid on an hourly basis or be a fixed value.
Does the Kharkiv CCI provide legal support for transactions?
Currently, more and more entrepreneurs understand that it is more economical, more convenient and more correct to prevent a problem than to solve it in the future.
Specialists of the Kharkiv Chamber of Commerce and Industry provide legal support for transactions that may include:
♦ drawing-up of a proposal and consent to a transaction, a protocol of disagreements to the agreement and their approval;
♦ accompanying of the client during negotiations, participation in the discussion of the terms of transactions;
♦ advising on the legislation governing this transaction, analysis of risks and possible legal consequences;
♦ preparation of inquiries and other official letters regarding the agreement conclusion process;
♦ preparation of a draft agreement or analysis of a draft agreement that the client already has;
♦ drafting of additional agreements to the agreement;
♦ preparation of inquiries, claims and responses to claims under an already concluded agreement and other official letters regarding the process of agreement execution;
♦ advising on the preparation of documentation that is necessary for the practical implementation of an agreement (invoices, way bills, orders, etc.);
♦ provision of other services related to this transaction.
How can force majeure circumstances be confirmed?
♦ call or visit personally a specialist of the Kharkiv Chamber of Commerce and Industry for a preliminary consultation;
♦ fill in a standard application form (it can be found on the Kharkiv CCI website under the Force Majeure section);
♦ submit the application with a package of documents confirming force majeure to the Kharkiv CCI;
♦ receive a certificate of force majeure circumstances confirmation (if they are confirmed).
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