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Marketing research of Ukrainian market


Quite often the enterprises which plan promotion of their products in the national market face a number of problems directly affecting the efficiency of company’s activities.

The experts of Kharkov Chamber of Commerce and Industry conduct marketing research of the Ukrainian market giving the answers to practically all questions relating to the market and consumers.

Why is it necessary to conduct marketing research of Ukrainian market?

The marketing research of Ukrainian market is necessary for:

    Correct market segmentation;
    Development of goods and services meeting the needs of these segments;
    Correct presentation and promotion of goods and services;
    Development and implementation of correct strategy of competitive struggle, which allows a better understanding of one’s market, the essence of problems the company faces, the possible lines of further development;
    Development and manufacture of goods and services corresponding to needs, perceptions and aspirations of the consumers;
    Taking decisions on a number of issues connected with pricing.

The structure of Ukrainian market covers the following:

  • 1.
    Raw material resources base for the goods in Ukrainian market of interest.
  • 2.
    Manufacture of the goods in Ukraine.
  • 3.
    Laws in the appropriate branch of Ukrainian industry.
  • 4.
    Export and import of the goods in Ukraine.
  • 4.1
    Structure of export-import.
  • 4.2
    Main countries of Ukrainian export of goods.
  • 4.3
    Main countries of Ukrainian import of goods.
  • 5.
    Main competitors in Ukrainian market of interest.
  • 6.
    Segmentation of Ukrainian market of interest.
  • 7.
    Price monitoring in the branch of Ukrainian industry you are interested in.

What do you obtain as a result of conducted marketing research of Ukrainian market?

Example of contents of marketing research of Ukrainian market.

Research of milk and milk products market in Ukraine

The marketing research of Ukrainian market makes it possible:

    • for top managers of the company, to determine exactly the objectives and tasks of the company, as well as to develop the strategy of further its development;
    • to understand if the product or service is promoted correctly and efficiently;
    • to analyze if the marketing efforts are implemented correctly and how their efficiency may be increased.

Business branches, for which specialists of Kharkov Chamber of Commerce and Industry offer research of Ukrainian market:

  • Agroindustrial complex and agriculture;
  • Food industry;
  • Light industry;
  • Metallurgy;
  • Machine-building and metalworking;
  • Chemical industry;
  • Forestry, woodworking industry, pulp and paper industry;
  • Printing industry;
  • Manufacture of building materials;
  • Automotive industry
  • Education;
  • Tourism;
  • Insurance;
  • Construction;
  • Information technology;
  • Retail trade.

Why we are chosen?

  • 1.
    Promptness of conducting research;
  • 2.
    Acceptable prices;
  • 3.
    Work with official resources;
  • 4.
    Useful conclusions.

Research of Ukrainian market is the key
to successful development of your business!


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Alla Saypanova
Market analytical expert E-mail: saypanova@kcci.kharkov.ua