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Search for business partners


The Department of Foreign Economic Relations and Organizational Work renders practical assistance to entrepreneurs in establishment of mutually beneficial economic relations with foreign partners and conducts search for business partners in Ukraine and abroad.

For succeeding in business, the search for business partners plays an important role. The professionals of Kharkov Chamber of Commerce and Industry will help in conclusion of successful contracts both with partners in Ukraine and abroad, with provision of the maximum benefit for all parties. Our employees translate documents in different languages of different topics, including technical, medical, legal and many other lines.

Kharkov Chamber of Commerce and Industry signed agreements on cooperation with chambers of commerce and industry of more than 70 countries. Every year Kharkov Chamber of Commerce and Industry receives more than 1000 commercial offers and inquiries from embassies and trade & economic missions of more than 50 countries.



To provide search for foreign partners, you have:

    to make the commercial offer on search for partner with brief description of manufactured products, form of cooperation and country;
    to send the offer to the Department of Foreign Economic Relations and Organizational Work by e-mail or fax.

Search for business partners — how it goes


Today many national companies try to provide entry of their products or services into the market of Western Europe. Some companies form own branches, others look for business partners, in order to promote and to deliver their goods or services. Finding common ground for European and Ukrainian business is the concern of the regional authorities.

If you are looking for new opportunities for entry into the market and expansion of your business, we’ll be glad to provide you with the list of the following services:

  • We conduct marketing research of the market segment you are interested in;
  • We assess the price level and competitiveness of your products;
  • We describe in detail your potential competitors;
  • We assess the potential of local market along the line determined by you;
  • We find the optimum variant for entry into the market and methods of interaction with local business, choose the strategy for entry of your products into the local market;
  • We find and contact your potential partners, help in arrangement of business negotiations;
  • We provide the complete language and information support;
  • We solve any logistic and customs issues and those of certification of your products.

If you do not want to open the branch of your company in Europe, but you want to bring your products to the local market, then the specialists of our organization will undertake a search for distributor, retail trade network or manufacturer (if your products comprise raw materials or complementary items). Besides, we’ll find out the rates of customs duties and all associated costs, calculate prices for determination of the final value of the goods, as well as help in establishment of contacts with your potential business partners and find out if they are ready for cooperation and are interested in your products.

Within the frame of provision of the above services, we present the complete information on name of the company, its organizational and legal form, contact data (telephone, fax, e-mail and web site address, if available), full name of company’s chief executive officer, short description of its activities. If the partner we have chosen suits you, we’ll provide you with full language support during negotiations, communication with local authorities and organize the meeting abroad.

Advancing your products to trade networks and arrangement of promotion and marketing campaign is also possible.

Main peculiarities relating to representation of interests of company


The legal entity takes direct part in civil, tax and administrative legal relations through its certain top manager. He acts exclusively on the basis of the Articles of Association or order on his appointment. If it is necessary to assign certain director’s rights to the representative, the appropriate power of attorney shall be issued.

The power of attorney for representation of interests of the company is issued as regards various issues, and is applied at the state authorities and different bodies. This official document is considered as a written permit issued by one person to the other person for the purpose of exercise of representation function before the third parties.

The main purpose of the power of attorney is to formalize relations connected with representation of the Company’s interests. In turn, the representation is a legal relation where one of the parties shall have or has the right to make deal in the name of the other party, which interests this party represents. The basis for such relations are agreements, laws, regulatory and legal documents issued by management body of the legal entity (instruction or order signed by the chief executive officer) and other grounds provided for by civil legislation.

There exist the following kinds of power of attorney:

  • General power of attorney – this document is issued for maximally wide list of rights. It does not specifies types of deals or third parties, with whom the representative has the right to cooperate in the name of the principal.
  • Special power of attorney – this document permits any number of similar operations or deals (for example, representation of company’s interests only at courts or political bodies).
  • Single-time power of attorney – this document is issued for making one certain deal or operation (for example, single-time purchase of products from distributor).

Depending on the kind of legal relations, on which the representation is based, the principal determines the list of powers assigned to the representative under the power of attorney, with observation of all requirements of the appropriate legal documents.

The period of keeping of the powers of attorney for representation of interests is three years for the company, in case the company is checked by inspection bodies on observation of tax legislation, and for state companies and state-financed organizations if they are inspected by the bodies of state financial control as regards parameters of their financial and economic activities.

How is search for business partners conducted in Ukraine?


Any place where the representatives of companies meet may be used for establishment of business relations and search for suitable business partner. Therefore, participation in correctly chosen business events is a real “must have” for each businessman of our time.

There exist the following kinds of business events:

  • Club movement. Each year it becomes more and more popular in our country. It may be called one of the best variants when it is necessary to find business partner. The main features of such “club” are the unifying idea, direct participation, regularity of meetings, similarity of the audience views – these are the advantages of the club.
  • Branch events. One of the traditional places for business acquaintances is provided by branch events: business forums, congresses and conferences. It is clear that accumulation in the same place of many specialists of certain profile provides excellent opportunities for business acquaintances, while in everyday life, their search and acquaintance with them takes much more time and forces.
  • Schools. Various business trainings and master classes provide a large ground for business- partner search. The joint format of training in such a school makes it possible to find potential partners.
  • Target business parties. If the number of business relations is your priority, then various business parties, presentations and similar events will help you. The common focus “on contact” at such events makes it possible to establish multiple contacts.
  • "Social" events. Participation in such meetings provides a good effect. In unconstrained atmosphere of general involvement, it is simple and useful to strike up acquaintances.
  • Business connections in everyday life. The current near-business and even non-business contacts never shall be overlooked. Probably, some day they may help you in your business sphere.
  • Good deeds. Today, at the time of the fashion for active citizenship, the events of such nature deserve a particular attention. You very often can meet there your business partner.

For the most appropriate choice of event, depending on your objectives and interests, you have to know your target audience including those people, together with whom you will be able to implement joint business projects in the future, as well as the contact audience providing business contacts with the first group.

To have a correct networking means, in the first place, to be an excellent connector, a person orienting in the market and in professional activity and reputation of its members. One of the networking rules consists in everyday readiness for acquaintances. For this purpose, you shall always have at hand your visiting card, to be able to hand it over at the right time. In this case, your potential business partner can see not only your name, but also the services you can provide.

It shall be taken into account that participation in any events, even having the “selected” business audience, is not a guarantee of an instantaneous conclusion of deals. The Kharkov Chamber of Commerce and Industry will be glad to help you in this difficult process and in successful search for business partners, a task you set before you.


Do you need assistance? Write us!

We’ll consult you on the issues which arose and help to solve them in an adequate way. Working with us, you can be sure that you will not have any problems.


Tatyana Nikolayevna Rizvan
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