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Reference on the procedure of export/import of goods



The Business Information Department represents a new information service: «Reference on the procedure of export/import of goods»


Your company wishes to expand cooperation with foreign countries and to deliver products to new markets, e.g, the European Union market?

How could one get to know, considering a deal with a partner, what requirements and norms of tariff and non-tariff regulation are applicable currently in a country of importation in accordance with the Ukrainian Classifier of Goods for Foreign Economic Activity (UCG FEA) and the code corresponding to it in the country of importation of products?

  • customs duties, excise taxes, VAT
  • tariff preferences
  • anti-dumping and countervailing duties
  • customs and countervailing duties
  • specific prohibitions and restrictions on import and export, licensing and quota allocation for foreign trade operations
  • security measures, certification, environmental control and other special rules governing foreign economic activities


By contacting the Business Information Division  of  the Kharkov Chamber of Commerce and Industry, you can obtain: a conclusion on correspondence of codes; a review of control measures applicable on importation of products in the EU (including the list of legislative acts regulating the procedure); information on general issues, requirements and controls of export or import of products.




Do you have a question? Do not hesitate to contact us!

To have the best opinion, you should submit a written application and attach the documents relating to the case. You may be requested to provide additional documents, if necessary.



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