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Kharkov Chamber of Commerce and Industry is a non-governmental organization which activity is focused on the development of the state economy by promoting business community. Therefore, the Chamber plays a strategic role of a mediator between the government and entrepreneurs.


The history of the Kharkov CCI began in 20׳s of the previous century. Its establishment was initiated by the government authorities of the Ukrainian SSR. The Ukrainian-Eastern Chamber of Commerce, approved on the 13th of October 1925, should have contributed to the economic rapprochement of the Ukrainian SSR with the Middle East countries in the field of the trade and industrial interests.


For the years of industrialization, Kharkov has become the largest center of mechanical engineering in the USSR. During this period the Chamber consisted of the Commodity Expertise Bureau, Translation Bureau, Commercial Advertising Department, and Photographic Laboratory.

Notwithstanding that the organization has changed its name several times, experienced evacuation during the WWII (1941), the goal of its work to the development of external economic relations of the enterprises and support of the national manufacturers has remained unchanged. Naturally, the ways of achieving this goal have constantly been improving over the years.



Absolutely different realities that Ukraine faced with since the independence required designing the new development strategies. First of all, the Chamber of Commerce and Industry expanded membership base. Over the past 10 years, more than 400 organizations and companies in the region have become the members of the Chamber.


Among enterprises that have commended the work of the KCCI there are such renowned companies as PrJSC “Philip Morris Ukraine”, PH “Factor”, Group of Companies “Pharmaceutical Company “Zdorovie”, Confectionery Plant “Biskvit Shokolad”, JSC “Turboatom” and many others.



Over the past 10 years, the Chamber has so far received more than 100 foreign delegations from Austria, Estonia, Georgia, Poland, Norway, Lithuania, the United States, Belarus, Russia, Turkey, Czech Republic, South Africa, and Indonesia. In turn, the representatives of the Kharkov CCI have visited more than 30 countries for business trips.

Along with the expansion of the business contacts geography, broadens the list of the services provided. At the moment, the structure of our organization comprises the following departments:


FER and Organizational Works Department, Exhibition Sector;

Expertise & Certification of Goods Origin and Customs Clearance Department;

Foreign Translations Bureau;

Business Information Department;

Legal Department;

Editorial Staff.


We invite you to cooperation and we will be happy to render you the professional assistance in solving your issues.