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From choice of market to preparation of export.

Save a lot of money and time - enter foreign markets with the experts of the Chamber



Together with us, you will

  • get a sense of all the difficulties and learn about the opportunities when working with external markets;
  • understand how to organize systemic export sales, where questions may arise, without which documents it is impossible to organize the foreign economic activity of your company;
  • learn what to take into account at each stage of the transaction and build an optimal scheme of work;
  • be able to assess the feasibility of export to specific markets and to plan each stage in advance.
Are you trying to run your export but have bogged down in processes?
Are you trying to run your export but have bogged down in processes?
Have you no clear algorithm of actions?
Have you no clear algorithm of actions?
Don't you know how to find clients and partners abroad?
Don't you know how to find clients and partners abroad?
take the right step to launch international sales!
Contact the chamber`s experts
Export consulting in Kharkiv


Personal manager
Personal manager
Full set of services <br>in one place
Full set of services
in one place
Support 24/7
Support 24/7
  • individual approach to each client;
  • assistance to companies regardless of their size and experience in foreign economic transactions;
  • possibility to order performance of a separate stage or a comprehensive turnkey service»;
  • team of professional consulting specialists in all lines of foreign economic activity;
  • agreements on cooperation with chambers of commerce and industry of more than 50 countries of the world.


Export readiness assessment
√ Analysis of the foreign market (main competitors, main consumers of products, level of prices for products) and recommendations for the company about the prospects in the selected market.
√ Definition of UKTVED and Taric codes.
√ Presentation of information on trade regimes for access of the goods to foreign markets (amounts of customs duties).
√ Provision of information on requirements for product (requirements for safety, packaging, labeling).
As a result, you get:
➢ information report on the state of the foreign market chosen by you;
➢ description of the main competitors, who are the main consumers of your products, what price level has developed in the market for this product;
➢ what are the rates of import duties on the goods;
➢  what safety requirements shall the goods meet;
➢ how shall they be packed and labeled;
➢ what is needed to confirm the status of the product manufacturer;
➢ what is needed to confirm the Ukrainian origin of the goods.
√ Organization of participation in foreign exhibitions.
√ Organization of visits to foreign exhibitions.
√ Preparation and distribution of commercial offers to foreign chambers of commerce and industry.
√ Selection of potential partners.
√ Assistance in organizing product presentation.
As a result, you get the following:
➢ we select specialized exhibitions for the customer on his subject of interest;
➢ we undertake the organization of his visit or participation;
➢ we give recommendations on how to provide the best to presentation of your products at the stand;
➢ we send the customer's commercial offer to foreign chambers of commerce and industry, accompanying it with our letter of recommendation;
➢ we provide the customer with contacts of foreign companies interested in cooperation;
➢ we help to organize the presentation of the customer’s products abroad, using the help of foreign chambers of commerce and industry.
√ Check partner’s reliability.
√ Presentation of informational business report on the enterprise.
√ Confirmation of the legal status of the company.
√ Confirmation of the authenticity of registration documents and certificates provided by the foreign partner.
√ Preparation of a foreign economic contract.
√ Assistance in registration of trademark.
√ Consultation on taxation issues (VAT refunding for foreign trade operations).
√ Accreditation at customs.
√ Accreditation at the phytosanitary service.
√ Preparation of the list of documents required for customs clearance of export.
√ Consultation on preparation of the Certificate of origin of goods.
√ Translation of documents into foreign language.
√ Recommendations on logistics company.
As a result you get:
➢ confirmation that the chosen partner has the legal status;
➢ prepared foreign economic contract in Ukrainian/ English language;
➢ registration at the customs as a subject of foreign economic activity;
➢ in case of exporting products of vegetable origin - registration at the phytosanitary service);
➢ list and samples of documents (waybill, invoice, packing list) required for customs clearance;
➢ consultation on how to confirm that the country of origin of the goods is Ukraine and the list of documents required for issue of the Certificate of Origin;
➢ qualified translation of all necessary documents into foreign languages;
➢ contacts of logistics company.
√ Pre-shipment inspection.
√ Pre-shipment inspection.
√ Preparation of the Certificate of origin of goods.
√ Passing phytosanitary control.
√ Certification (legalization) of commercial documents.
As a result you get:
➢ expert examination report confirming the quantity/ quality and correctness of the transport means loading;
➢ customs clearance of cargo;
➢ certified commercial documents at the request of a foreign counterparty (contract, invoice, specification, packing list, certificate of origin, phytosanitary certificates of quality and similar documents.


Today, the competence of specialists involved in company's foreign economic activity includes:

  • skills in assessing the prospects for exporting goods to new markets;
  • skills of negotiation and effective communication with partners;
  • legal support of foreign trade transactions;
  • customs clearance of goods and efficient logistics.

If you want to create your own team of foreign economic activity professionals or increase the competence of your foreign economic activity managers, we will train your specialists from zero or raise the qualifications of specialists, having an experience in foreign economic activity, at practical trainings developed by specialists of the Kharkiv Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

Interested in creating your own export team?

Are you only planning your own way to international markets?

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Tatyana Rizvan - Chief of Department of Foreign Economic
Tatyana Rizvan

Chief of Department of Foreign Economic

Can I independently determine the UKTVED code?
Yes, you can. But you must be sure that you have the necessary knowledge of the rules for interpreting the Commodity Nomenclature and can take into account all the nuances of the explanations to the commodity items. Therefore, if you have even the slightest doubt about the correctness of the code you have determined, it is better to resort to professionals. An incorrect identification of the code can lead to making up the protocol on violation of customs rules, the collection of fines, since the amount of import duties depends on the code of goods.
Also, on the basis of the code, it is determined:
— whether the product is subject to licensing/quotas;
— are there any restrictions on the import/export of goods;
— whether it is necessary to undergo phytosanitary and veterinary control.
A legal entity or natural person - entrepreneur is planning to carry out foreign economic activity: is additional registration required as a subject of foreign economic activity?
The current legislation of Ukraine does not provide for additional registration of subjects of foreign economic activity.
Do you provide assistance in negotiations with a potential partner?
The specialists of the Kharkiv Chamber of Commerce and Industry will arrange a meeting for you with your potential partner. We will prepare a meeting program, if necessary, organize negotiations in the territory of the Chamber Of Commerce and Industry, provide qualified interpreters. With the support of our specialists, your negotiations will be more effective, and you will receive further recommendations on the transaction.
What is the cost of export consulting?
The cost depends on the set of services you need to be able to carry out your export. At the first meeting, our consultants will analyze your company's export readiness. Together with you, we will determine the list of the services you need to be able to carry out your export and calculate their cost. You can either order the full range of turnkey services or choose any set of export consulting services. There is a discount for provision of the full set of services.
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