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Registration of a sole proprietor

Without filling in questionnaires
Without filling in questionnaires
Without hidden fees
Without hidden fees
Without visits to the tax service
Without visits to the tax service


We choose the required kinds of economic activity.
We will analyze the kinds of economic activity selected by the client for compliance with the Classifier or choose the kinds of economic activity.
We will help you choose the right taxation system
Our experts will analyze the proposed kinds of your activity and select an efficient taxation system for you.
We will fill in correctly the Application for registration of a natural person-entrepreneur
The legislation of Ukraine provides for some standard forms for registration of natural persons-entrepreneurs. Basing on your documents, our specialists will fill in the Application and submit it to the relevant registration bodies
We will put on record at the Tax Service and compulsory funds
The specialists of the Kharkiv Chamber of Commerce and Industry will provide services to provide granting to you the single tax system without your presence.
Get a -5% discount on accounting services for the first three months of service
when ordering registration


Copies of passport and identification code
Power of attorney (if necessary)
Phone number
Kinds of activity list


✓ cannot hire employees
✓ cooperates only with natural persons
✓ income up to UAH 1,000,000.00 per year
✓ kinds of activity: retail sale of goods in the markets and / or provision of household services to the population (for the list of these services, see paragraph 291.7 of the National Classifier of Services).
✓ tax rate: monthly up to 10% of the subsistence minimum (~UAH 192.10 for 2020)
✓ can employ up to 10 employees
✓ cooperates only with natural persons and single-tax legal entity
✓income up to UAH 5,000,000.00 per year
✓ kinds of activity: provision of services, including household ones (for the list of these services, see paragraph 291.7 of the National Classifier of Services), to single-tax payers and/ or to population, manufacture and/ or sale of goods, activity in the sphere of restaurant business
✓ tax rate: monthly up to 20% of the subsistence minimum (~UAH 944.60 for 2020)
✓can employ any quantity of employees
✓ works with natural persons and legal entities, including foreign ones
✓ income up to UAH 7,000,000.00 per year
✓ can be a VAT payer
✓ kinds of activity: it is allowed to be engaged in any kinds of activity, except for those prohibited for natural persons entrepreneurs being on a single tax
✓ tax rate: quarterly VAT payers pay 3% of income, VAT non-payers pay 5% of income
✓ since 2015, this group is formed from the former payers of the flat agricultural tax, only legal entities
✓ there is no limit on the amount of income or number of employees employed
✓ in order to obtain the status of a single-tax payer, agricultural enterprises shall meet the requirements for the share of agricultural goods production for the previous tax (reporting) year, which shall be equal to or exceed 75 percent (according to Subitem 4 of Item 291.4 of the National Classifier of Ukraine). According to Item 2921.1 of the of the National Classifier of Ukraine , the rights to ownership or use of land plots shall be formalized and registered in accordance with the legislation
✓ the tax rate: according to Item 293.9 of the National Classifier Ukraine (changed by the Law No. 1791 of 2017). The taxation base for the current year for Group IV of the single-tax payers is determined by the normative Monetary appraisal of the land plot, including the indexation coefficient determined as of January 1 of the tax (reporting) year, in accordance with the procedure provided for payment for land (Item 2921.2 of the National Classifier of Ukraine)
save time to save your nerves
Entrust the registration to the specialists of the Chamber
What are the benefits of the sole proprietor registration ?
✓ It will become easier to work with the customers. They will not need to transfer money to cash and pay bank fees.
✓ The sole proprietor is more serious than simply the natural person, which allows to work with large companies.
✓ The bank will not block your incoming payments. It is easier to get a credit.
✓ The registration allows you to get the required pensionable service.
What is the minimum period for registration of the sole proprietor?
The sole proprietor can be registered in 2-4 working days, provided that the kinds of activity have already been selected, the taxation group has been determined, and a power of attorney has been issued for the representative (if necessary). If you need to get the document of a single-tax payer, then the period can be increased up to 10 working days.
What documents are required for registration of the sole proprietor?
✓ Passport
✓ Identification code
✓ Filled-in application for registration of the sole proprietor
What can influence the choice of the single-tax group?
✓ Number of employees
✓ Limit on the amount of income for the calendar year
✓ Kinds of activity
✓ Tax rate and other indicators
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