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Registration of sole proprietorship (PE)


Today the Natural Person-Entrepreneur is the most popular legal organizational form of the subject of economic activity, for whom no constitutional documents and startup capital are provided for. Opening the Natural Person-Entrepreneur is an excellent option for small business or provision of services without engagement of personnel or when the latter consists of not more than twenty persons.

The Natural Person-Entrepreneur registration is characterized by a higher speed, in comparison with that of the legal entity. For starting the entrepreneurship activity focused on gaining profit, the registered Natural Person-Entrepreneur is the best form of the subject of economic activity for development of own business.

The Natural Person-Entrepreneur is registered at the place of registration of residence. However, due to timely character of exterritoriality principle, the entrepreneurship activity may be registered in any Ukrainian inhabited locality. For example, if your residence is registered in Kiev but territorially you live Kharkov, you can receive your Certificate of Natural Person-Entrepreneur Registration in Kharkov, but only in Kiev you may register the income accounting book and obtain the extract from the Register of Single Tax Payers. In addition, the reports shall be submitted and the taxes shall be paid to the divisions of the Fiscal Service of our country at the place of registration of residence of the natural person.

Where is Natural Person-Entrepreneur registered in Kharkov?


The Kharkov Chamber of Commerce and Industry provides highly professional services for registration of the Natural Person-Entrepreneur in any district of Kharkov and Kharkov Region. The qualified specialists of our organization provide registration of the Natural Person-Entrepreneur at all state authorities. After the power of attorney was issued and notarized, our experts perform all operations on registration of the Natural Person-Entrepreneur in Kharkov without your personal presence, that is, on the ‘turn-key principle. The Natural Person-Entrepreneur made be registered in the Unified State Register in the online mode.

Working with us, you not only can save a lot of time required for preparation of the necessary documentation and waiting in queues at the state authorities. The main advantage is our 100% guarantee for correctness of filling all official documents for single tax, submitted to the bodies of statistical accounting and the Pension Fund. Thank to our employees, you can obtain not only the Certificate of Natural Person-Entrepreneur Registration, but also legal support of your business, as well as closing the Natural Person-Entrepreneur form if you want to register some legal entity. This will make it possible for you too introduce various changes (to add or alter kinds of business, change taxation system, stop payment of single tax in connection with temporary postponement of entrepreneurship activity, rework your accounting book for common system, etc.) without necessity of leaving your work.

Documents required for registration of Natural Person-Entrepreneur

Registration of the Natural Person-Entrepreneur requires no constitutional documents or forming authorized capital. You must have:

    Copy of your passport and identification code;
    List of kinds of activity you want to be engaged in;
    Contact telephone number;
    Power of attorney issued to specialists of Kharkov Chamber of Commerce and Industry for their right for registration of Natural Person-Entrepreneur in the name of entrepreneur.

Registration of Natural Person-Entrepreneur step-by-step

The Natural Person-Entrepreneur is registered as follows:

  • 1

    First, preparation of documents required for registration of Natural Person-Entrepreneur.

  • 2

    Then, payment of all necessary state taxes.

  • 3

    3 Further, registration at the Department of State Registration of Legal Entities and Natural Persons.

  • 4

    After that, registration in funds and Statistics Committee.

  • 5

    Obtaining permit for manufacture of seal (if required.

  • 6

    Manufacture of entrepreneur’s seal

Groups of Natural Person-Entrepreneurs: brief information


Firstly, it is worth to note, that our country simultaneously uses two taxation systems: general and simplified. The first of them is based on “tax base” notion – that is, on the figure obtained by subtraction of the sum of expenses from the sum of incomes. As to the second type system, here the single tax is paid from the entire sum of incomes, that is, the tax base for the single tax is provided by the cash receipts of the entrepreneur.

Totally there exist four groups of taxpayers (information as of 2017):

  • 1.
    The first group: yearly income limit – up to UAH 300000.00; rate - 10% of level of the subsistence minimum.
  • 2.
    The second group: yearly income limit – up to UAH 1500000.00; rate - 20% of minimum wages.
  • 3.
    The third group: yearly income limit – up to UAH 5000000.00; rate - 3% (VAT payers) and 5% (VAT non-payer) of turnover.
  • 4.
    Since 2015, the fourth group includes the former payers of fixed agricultural tax. In this case, the tax rate is established on the basis of the land used.
Which documents are issued in case of Natural Person-Entrepreneur registration

The natural person obtains officially the status of entrepreneur from the date of the State Registration. In case of registration of the natural person as entrepreneur by Kharkov state authorities, he/ she obtains the Certificate of Natural Person-Entrepreneur Registration, which confirms his/ her right for conducting entrepreneurship activity.


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