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Valuation of real estate


An independent real estate appraisal means determination of its value according to the client’s purpose, appraisal method and appraiser’s rules. The mass appraisal of real estate value means determination of value of many real estate objects as of some certain date with application of traditional methods and statistics.

The real estate objects appraisal is one of the lines the Kharkov Chamber of Commerce and Industry is specialized in. Our specialists appraise the value of real estate property and make the appropriate detailed report containing only reliable and new information completely keeping with reality. By contacting us, you’ll obtain a 100% guarantee that the procedure of appraisal applied to your property will be carried out according to all the Ukrainian laws and standards.

When is it necessary to contact the specialists working in this field? Which documentation is it necessary to gather to provide appraisal of your real estate property in the maximum beneficial manner for you? What is the procedure used for real estate appraisal?

The qualified employees of Kharkov Chamber of Commerce and Industry having a vast experience of work in this sphere of activities will provide high-quality services on appraisal of real-estate property. They will help to understand all the details, explain all the peculiarities and, for sure, provide a high efficiency of work performance.

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Appraisal of value of real-estate property: its stages


How is the expert appraisal of real-estate property performed? You contacted the specialist, informed him or her on your intentions – but what happens next? The work of expert team of Kharkov Chamber of Commerce and Industry includes several main stages:

  • gathering and processing all data on real estate object;
  • comparison of obtained data with data on similar objects close by all parameters;
  • making calculations with the use of main methods (accounting costs, incomes, comparisons);
  • making report presenting the stages of conducted appraisal, as well as conclusion of the specialist.

Which documents are necessary for appraisal of real estate property?


For starting the appraisal procedure, it is necessary to present:

  • technical passport of real estate object;
  • title documents;
  • passport and tax code for owner-natural person or official documents on registration of owner - legal entity;
  • documentation for land lot (if required);
  • death certificate and notarized request letter in case of acceptance of inheritance.

An attention shall be paid to the fact that in case of performance of appraisal of various real estate objects for presentation to the court, the list may be different being determined in each specific case depending on particularities of client's situation.

When is appraisal of real estate necessary?


The real estate appraisal is required for performance of a number of real estate transactions. For example, you can minimize the risks arising during making the contracts. This applies both to companies and natural persons. The experts of Kharkov Chamber of Commerce and Industry appraise market, disposal, investment, insurance, mortgage and other kinds of values of the real estate objects as accurate and soon as possible.

At the time of unstable economy and regular abrupt changes in prices for real estate, the expert appraisal is of great popularity both with sellers and buyers. However, in addition to cases of purchase and sale, this procedure is relevant in the following situations:

  • execution of deed of gift;
  • coming into inheritance by client;
  • execution of other notarial transactions;
  • obtaining credit against security of real estate property;
  • judicial proceedings and various property disputes;
  • privatization and renting real estate object;
  • accounting and taxation;
  • forming company’s authorized capital;
  • calculation of material loss.

According to Decree of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine No. 358 dated 21.08.2014, as well as the Tax Code of Ukraine, the real estate objects shall be appraised during performing different operations therewith. The expert appraisal is recommended in all the above situations. For performance of this procedure, you may contact our company. We work with clients from Kharkov and Kharkov Region.

Which real estate objects are appraised by Kharkov Chamber of Commerce and Industry?


The Kharkov Chamber of Commerce and Industry makes the expert appraisal within two days. Our specialists can appraise any real estate object:

  • studio apartment, room in shared apartment or separate room;
  • share in apartment;
  • shared room;
  • apartment for notary public;
  • apartment (one-, two-, three-, four-, multiple room apartment);
  • real property being under mortgage or for mortgage;
  • parking space or garage (vehicle box);
  • private sector house;
  • townhouse;
  • holiday cottage and summer house.

As we have said before, appraisal of real estate property makes it possible to avoid various risks available to some extent during conducting different real estate transactions. To provide the best protection for you and obtain reliable data on the price of the real estate object, approach the highly professional appraisers. The specialists of Kharkov Chamber of Commerce and Industry will make a detailed report where you can find all necessary information on the value and condition of your real estate property. The methods of real estate appraisal offered by our specialists are highly efficient, reliable and giving a quick result. Ring us up, and we will be happy to help you!

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