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Certificates of Origin

The certificate of goods origin is the established-form document confirming the country of goods origin. It is issued by the competent body of the exporter’s country. The certificate of goods origin testifies that the goods are in compliance with the requirements of the country where they are directed to and entitles for some preference in the importing country.

As a rule, the customs authorities require the Certificate to exercise tariff and non-tariff measures for regulation of import of the goods to the importing country territory. The certificates of goods origin may be also required by banks, for example, when the parties, to provide settlements for foreign trade transactions with imported goods, stipulated in the letter of credit the necessity of presentation of such documents..

What shall you do to obtain the Certificate?
  • 1.
    Prepare and send the certified copies of documents.
  • 2.
    Contact the expert to clear up all the details.
  • 3.
    Pay the services and present the payment documents copies
  • 4.
    Present the original documents and obtain the Certificate
    Elena Cherkasova
    Deputy Head of the Department on Examination and Certification of Goods Origin
    Телефон: (057)-751-99-28
    E-mail: cherkasova@kcci.kharkov.ua
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Elena Cherkasova
Deputy Chief of Expertise & Certification of Goods Origin DepartmentE-mail:cherkasova@kcci.kharkov.ua
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