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Trademark registration

in Kharkov
We register marks for goods and services in Ukraine
Submission of application in 1 day term
Submission of application in 1 day term
Complete support
Complete support


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It is not enough to have information on verbal trademark check to evaluate the risks of refusal to register trademark due to similarity with the trademarks registered or having priority. To get complete information about registered trademarks and ones submitted for registration under the national and international procedure, it is necessary to conduct the appropriate check at the Ukrainian Intellectual Property Institute (Ukrpatent). To obtain this service, please contact the specialists of the Kharkiv Chamber of Commerce and Industry.



Legal protection of your goods or service
Franchise sale possibility
Possibility of .ua domain registration
Increasing trust in brand

Comprehensive approach


To fully resolve the issue relating to use of TM, you may need additional services, such as:
✓ legal support for the TM alienation;
✓ preparation of claims on illegal use of TM;
✓ ✓ entry of TM to the Register of the Intellectual Property Objects maintained by the Customs Service.

When registering the trademark, you can take advantage of the following benefits:

For contract examination service
For analysis of labeling requirements
Trademark registration in Kharkiv
Free consultation
Get an analysis of your situation from the experts of the Kharkiv CCI


Standard registration
18-24 months
  • All fees included
  • Check of protectability
  • Full support of office work
from 6675 UAH
18-24 months
  • All fees included
  • Check of protectability
  • Full support of office work
  • Preparation of a reasoned response in the event of a preliminary refusal to issue the TM
  • Targeted delivery of documents
  • Free consultation in case of re-applying for TM services
from 9000 UAH
Accelerated registration
8-11 months
  • All fees included
  • Check of protectability
  • Full support of office work
  • Maximum acceleration
from 12635 UAH
Our advantage is the filing an electronic application for TM registration, which provides for a 20% discount on “Ukrpatent” services.
The Chamber’s experts will determine the exact cost of registering your TM based on the mass of details: the number of applicants, classes, etc.


Trademark registration
Trademark registration
Trademark registration
Trademark registration
Trademark registration
Trademark registration
Trademark registration
Trademark registration


We have the fine-tuned mechanism of preparation and exchange of documents to the smallest detail, and thanks to this, you do not need to visit our office (although we will be glad to see you!). The remote work mechanism allows us to register TM for any resident of any region of Ukraine.

Trademark registration remotely
Coordination and exchange of documents
Online application
Online payment of fees and our services
Obtaining the certificate
Opinion of our clients
Oleg Vladimirovich Popov
Thank you for your long-term cooperation in the creation and registration of trademarks. All our applications were promptly and professionally accepted and corrected. A systematic monitoring and support of the documents and current payments is carried out. We always get detailed consultations to any questions.
Olga Sergeyevna
Technical Director of “PIRANA” Trading House, Ltd.
I would like to thank the team of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry (Legal Department) for their help in the registration and re-registration of trademarks. We were provided with competent advice and assistance in paperwork. Our company has been cooperating with the Chamber for many years. There is a well-established document flow system in the registration of applications for TM, which saves your time. It is very important! Always responsive team is ready to help. I would like to wish you prosperity, career growth, more good customers. Remain as friendly as you are! Thank you very much.
We applied to the specialists of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry in connection with obtaining a preliminary refusal to register our trademark. After the specialists of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry prepared an extended reasoned response, our organization had our trademark registered. In the process of cooperation with the Chamber of Commerce and Industry, we saw the professionalism of the specialists, which affects the quality of preparation of the documents. Thank you!
Sia Fengwey
We applied the Kharkiv CCI for the purpose of registration of our trademark. The assessment of your work is positive, the specialists are professional, kind, polite. It is a pleasure to work with you. Thank you for your high-quality services
“Teplodom.net.ua”, Ltd.
We submitted to the Kharkiv Chamber of Commerce and Industry an application for registration of our trademark "Teplodom.net.ua" The experts consulted us in an accessible and understandable way, recommended what is the best way to maximally protect our logo from copying and save money. We fully commend ourselves to professionalism of the Kharkiv CCI specialists.
Frequently asked questions from our clients
Time provided for registration of trademark
The Ukrainian legislation does not provide for the time for registering the trademark in Ukraine, which causes certain difficulties. In practice, the standard period required for TM registration is 18-24 months. There is an accelerated examination procedure, by ordering of which you can get the decision on examination in 7-9 months.
How much does it cost to register a TM?
The registration cost depends on many factors:
✓ whether there will be an identity and similarity check conducted;
✓ on the number of classes;
✓ whether color or black and white TM will be submitted;
✓ whether there will be conducted an accelerated registration procedure.
The minimum cost of the service is UAH 6675.00 (including the service of the Kharkiv Chamber of Commerce and Industry)
What do classes mean?
The class is a kind of activity or service, manufacture of goods for their intended purpose or with certain properties. The classes required for TM registration are contained in the International Classification of Goods and Services. In particular: manufacture of clothes - class 25, and sale of clothes - class 35. Therefore, before applying for registration, it is very important to determine the correct class, in what we will provide you with professional assistance.
For how long is a trademark certificate valid?
According to the Law of Ukraine "On the Protection of Rights to Marks for Goods and Services", the certificate is valid for 10 years from the date of filing the application for registration. The validity period of the TM certificate is extended every 10 years, subject to payment of the appropriate fee and submission of all necessary documents.
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