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The trademark registration

The trademark registration in Kharkov is required in order that the rights for use of the object belong only to your company. The specialists of Kharkov Chamber of Commerce and Industry are ready to help you in registration of your trademark and logo in the territory of Ukraine.

What does registration of the trademark in Ukraine give you? You may be sure that only you may work under this trademark and all the rights will be reserved for you legally. The registered trademark is a kind of industrial property. You may dispose it, as well as any other property: you may sell it, having assigned the rights for it, or invest in the authorized capital, having increased its capitalization.

Why is it advantageously to work with us?
  • Fixed cost without unpleasant surprises during registration

  • Free consultation we answer your questions, save from unnecessary expenses.

  • 99% of successful registrations

  • In case of preliminary rejection of registration, preparation of substantiated answer

  • Verbal

    words, letter combinations of verbal nature, word groups, sentences (Nemiroff, Samsung, Nescafe)

  • Pictorial

    images of living beings, things, natural or other objects, geometrical figures of any shapes, compositions consisting of lines, spots (Nike, Apple, Playboy)

  • Combined

    Combinations of elements of different kind: pictorial, verbal, etc. (Nestle, Puma, Adidas)

How the trademark can be registered?
Make up the application for preliminary search just now!

The trademark registration process is a complicated one and requires use of skillful approach to solution of a great lot of issues. To save your time and nerves, entrust this procedure to the specialists of Kharkov Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

The preliminary search will make it possible to know, whether an active registration of the appropriate trademark exists and to avoid unnecessary time and material expenditures connected with refusal to grant the registration.

How do we work?
  • Discussion of your trademark, choice of class and type

  • The Specialists of Kharkov Chamber of Commerce and industry prepare and submit all documents

  • Obtaining registration certificate

Standard registration cost:
For enterprises and organizations of Kharkov Region: UAH 1800.00, including VAT For Chamber Members who paid membership fee in 2014 and other enterprises who earlier took part in seminars: UAH 720.00, including VAT 20%

If you have some questions, contact directly the performer just now!

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