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trademarks, bar codes

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inventory count

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starting a business, business closure

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issue of certificates of origin

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сommodity pre-loading examination

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determination of UKTZED codes and export control

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HR issues in conditions of martial law

- 050 145 21 95

accounting and taxation

- 050 407 70 08

price certificates and property appraisal

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translation of documents

- 099 470 17 15 - 093 771 64 66

recording of damage to movable, immovable property for compensation or write-off, confirmation for banks, partners or other organizations

- 050 305 77 80

Do you need a competent
circle accountant?
Focus on your business and entrust your accounting routine to the professionals of the Kharkiv Chamber of Commerce and Industry.
Accounting services
Accounting services
from 600 UAH/month
The first month of service
The first month of service
as a gift

Accounting services. You will be provided with a personal accountant who will

Teach how to draw
up primary documentation and check correctness of the existing documentation.
book-keeping, personnel record keeping and tax bookkeeping, calculate the amount of taxes and prepare payments to the bank in a timely manner.
all the necessary accounting and tax reports on time.
Рrepare personnel documentation.
Keep control over
accounts receivable and payable,
prepare reconciliation statements and any inquiries to government agencies
fill the form and get:
the first month of service as a gift + free attendance at any event by KCCI!

whom we work with

We are well versed in accounting specifics; we know the best solutions and have extensive experience in accounting support in such areas as:

IT business
Wholesale trade
Retail trade
Condominium association
Birth certificate
Birth certificate
Accounting outsourcing in Kharkiv

Why we are more profitable than a full-time accountant

√ Working group
You are served not by one person, but by a whole working group consisting of 4 persons under the guidance of the chief accountant
√ Flexible pricing:
with the growth of the business, the price increases proportionally and, vice versa, with the freezing (seasonality) of the business, the price decreases
√ We guarantee 100 % confidentiality of
financial information and protection of personal data
√ Innovative cloud-based accounting program «1C: Accounting 8»
allows accountant and the director of the enterprise to work remotely via the Internet and have access to it
we are always in touch
Communicate with us in any convenient way:

how our accountants keep accounting records?

Circulation of documents

To get started, you conclude an agreement on accounting support with us. Once a month, you prepare and submit all the primary documents for the previous month that include bank statements, invoices, acceptance notes, acts of acceptance and transfer of work performed and services rendered, etc. Our accountant checks correctness of their execution and impounds them.

Circulation of documents


On the basis of the primary documents, our accountant forms bookkeeping entries, fills out ledgers, turnover balance sheets, the cash book, income and expenditure ledger for private entrepreneurs, etc.


Salaries and staff

We will prepare all HR records for you: orders on HR-related matters and time recording sheets. We will calculate the advance payment, salary, sick leave, vacation allowance, employee compensation payments and taxes on them. We will control the timeliness of paying salaries and wages and the relevant taxes. We will create a salary project and all the necessary payment orders in the client-bank system.

Salaries and staff

Taxes and reporting

The final stage is the preparation and submission of reports to all the required authorities using various software, for example, free resource “Taxpayer's Electronic Cabinet”. Accounts and records are signed with an electronic digital signature.

Taxes and reporting

Additional services

√  State registration of legal entities and individual entrepreneurs;
√  Development of primary forms and general business contracts, including contracts related to foreign economic activities;
√  Switching from one taxation system to another taxation system;
√  Once-off service on preparation of reporting;
√  Once-off services on preparation of HR records: a package of documents for hiring/dismissing of the employee, calculation of the vacation, sick leave, drawing up of the salary roll;
√ Consulting on the tax legislation of Ukraine.

Additional services
reviews of our clients
Valery Mikhailovich Litovchenko
Director of Private Enterprise «Scientific and Engineering Firm «LIT»
Our organization urgently needed help with accounting. As a member of the Kharkiv Chamber of Commerce and Industry, we applied for accounting outsourcing. We have been cooperating with the Chamber since 2017, all issues are always resolved in a professional manner. The specialists are competent in all matters. Thank you for your cooperation and excellent service
Valentin Korovayev
We came here with a problem of conducting business. Our accountant let us down, and we had to look for a new one. We decided not to waste time on the search, but to apply here for outsourcing of our company. It turned out to be much more profitable. The accountant is very competent, all reports were turned in on time.
Ksenia Polyakova
We have already cooperated with the company several times, we mainly apply for assistance in accounting issues. We always have only positive impressions of cooperation, specialists are savvy and competent in all matters, documents are prepared in a professional manner.
Lyudmila Plakhotina
Our company badly needed accounting services, and we took advantage of assistance of specialists from the Kharkiv Chamber of Commerce and Industry. All issues were resolved professionally, we managed to settle many issues. We are grateful for the excellent service and comprehensive assistance; we will continue to use the company’s services.
Do you have any questions?
Order a free consultation from an experienced accountant
do you need a consultation?
Ask questions to an expert with many years of experience
Lidia Uvarova - Chief Accountant
Lidia Uvarova

Chief Accountant

Need HR advice?
Ask questions to an expert with many years of experience
Yulia Shekhanina - Head of personnel department
Yulia Shekhanina

Head of personnel department

or find the answer in the frequently asked questions of our clients
What determines the cost of accounting services?
The cost of accounting services depends on:
– A number of business transactions per month;
– A number of employees;
– A taxation system;
– Presence of foreign economic activity, etc.
The price is determined individually for each client.
The cost of services can change, it increases in case of the business growth and, vice versa, it decreases in case of the freezing (seasonality) of the business.
What may be included in accounting services?
We can provide outsourcing of accounting services in different formats: from consultations, once-off preparation and rendering of reports to comprehensive turnkey accounting services.
What should you pay attention to, when choosing an outsourcing company?
It is worth to pay attention to the following:
– Its prominence, period of existence and reputation;
– A high level of professional training of employees;
– A degree of responsibility of the outsourcing company;
– A confidentiality guarantee;
– A flexible pricing system;
– Representation of your interests with the tax authorities;
– The possibility of tax optimization for you;
– Access to on-line accounting.
Who bears responsibility for accounting outsourcing?
An outsourced accountant is responsible for:
– The failure to meet deadlines for submitting reports;
– Incorrect calculation of taxes;
– Loss or violation of the integrity of the document as a result of improper archiving.

The client is responsible for:
– Untimely payment of taxes and duties, provided that the client obtains the relevant information in a timely manner;
– Late submission of primary documents, including information on hiring/dismissal of employees, business trips, vacations, sick leaves;
– Provision of forged documents.
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