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Bar Coding

Bar coding is the most massive global method of marking and identifying goods. The presence of a barcode on a commodity certifies that a manufacturer is a member of the International Article Numbering Association “GS1 Ukraine” and its quality complies with the requirements of the normative and technical documentation.

Kharkov Chamber of Commerce and Industry is the authorized representative of the International Article Numbering Association “GS1 Ukraine” and has the right to perform juridical and physical acts on behalf of the Association in regards to the bar coding issues.

Chamber Bar Coding Services
  • drafting a membership agreement to accede to the International Article Numbering Association “GS1 Ukraine”;
  • preparation of the package of documents for the assignment and re-registration of the identification numbers GS1 with issuance of the certificate;
  • preparation of the package of documents regarding re-registration of the member’s name with due regard to the confirmation documents provided;
  • preparation of the documents for the membership renewal of the revoked members of the Association;
  • verification of the quality of a bar code printed on a good’s package and label.
Notion of bar coding


Bar code

This is a sequence of bars and intervals of certain size, with the help of which figures, letters and other symbols are coded. Information coded with the use of bar code may be automatically read, using special devices – bar code scanners.

The bar code (GTIN-13) presents 13 figures: the first three figures mean the prefix of the system national organization (in GS1, the code of Ukraine is 482), the next six figures mean the user’s registration number, the next three figures mean number of goods (products) of this user, the last thirteenth figure is the check one.


What for is it required?


  • availability of the bar code may be considered as precondition of competitiveness of goods (since 01.01.1995, the code is an obligatory condition for delivery of goods to EU countries);
  • an efficient control of goods moving, beginning from manufacturer’s packing line up to shop warehouse, which contributes greatly to reduction of logistical costs;
  • an accurate accounting of stored and shipped goods: The bar codes are applied not only to goods packaging but also to containers they are stowed in, which simplifies their storage. When the orders arrive, the codes are read and compared with the orders, and the delivery note is issued;
  • increase of speed, accuracy and culture of buyers’ service;
  • promotion of organizing an efficient conducting of goods marketing research since this makes it possible to use automated accounting of their manufacture and sale.
  • reducing quantity of mistakes: thanks to use of bar codes, the accounting of received goods is conducted with the use of scanners, so mistakes introduced when information is entered manually are excluded.



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