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Definition of the code by the State Classifier of Goods and Services (SCGS)

The State Classifier of Goods and Services (SCGS) is a part of the State System of Classification and Coding of technical, economic and social information. The Classifier is developed in accordance with Resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine No. 326 dated May 4, 1993 «On the Concept for Development of National Statistics of Ukraine and the State Program for Transition to International System of Accounting and Statistics".

The object of classification in the SCGS is products and services created as a result of all the types of economic activities. The correct definition of SCGS code for your products depends on a set of requirements for their manufacturing. There are no such goods that do not have any SCGS code.

The SCGS is used:
  • by all the business entities (legal entities and individuals) in Ukraine
  • bodies of central and local executive powerи
  • financial bodies
  • statistical agencies

The expert opinion of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry is an official document and may be used in the court for resolving disputes. During customs clearance the expert opinion of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry is considered by customs authorities as an additional source of information.


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