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Expertise on give-and-take raw material calculation

The operation with give-and-take raw material comprises an operation of processing give-and-take raw material for the purpose of manufacture of finished product performed for agreed payment. The give-and-take raw material operations are the operations where the customer’s raw material accounts for not less than 20% of the total value of the finished product.

The expert of Kharkov Chamber of Commerce and Industry will determine the yield of the finished product obtained from give-and-take raw material, degree of raw-material processing, level of use of the give-and-take raw material in the total value of the finished product.

Main tasks of expertise
  • Study of expertise object
  • Calculation of volume output of finished goods/raw materials costs in accordance with regulatory and/or technical documentation
  • Determination of the cost level of customer-supplied raw materials in the total cost of finished products
  • Preparation of an objective and reasoned expert opinion
Which documents shall you present for expertise of give-and-take raw material?

Together with the application, the customer of the expertise on give-and-take raw material processing shall present the following documents (on company’s letterhead forms or original documents, the documents copies shall be certified, with “True copy” inscription, name and position of person who certified the document, signature, date and seal):

  • agreement (contract) together with all appendices and specifications thereto;
  • agreement with other companies (in case they are authorized by the contractor to perform some processing operations);
  • purchase agreement (in case of purchase by foreign customer of give-and-take raw material in the customs territory of Ukraine);
  • information of Ukrainian bank division on receipt of foreign currency on the account of Ukrainian supplier of the raw material (in case of purchase of give-and-take raw material in the customs territory of Ukraine);
  • cargo declaration for entry-exit of give-and-take raw material with “Give-and-Take Raw Material” mark;
  • cargo declaration for entry-exit of finished product; transport document;
  • document on classification of goods according to the Ukrainian Classification of Commodities for Foreign Economic Activity;
  • cargo declaration for part of give-and-take raw material, which is made up with the use of the import customs procedure (in case of payment for processing with this part of the said give-and-take raw material);
  • invoice being, in addition to the agreement (contract), the main document used for determination of value of transported product;
  • bill of exchange;
  • information on value of give-and-take raw material and/or finished product;
  • regulatory and technical documentation on characteristics of give-and-take raw material and/or finished product;
  • certificates of quality, veterinary certificates, certificates of conformity, sanitary expertise conclusions;
  • documents confirming manufacturing formula of finished product;
  • process instructions;
  • process flow charts, technical description, etc.;
  • calculation of actual value of finished product.
Expertise procedure:
  • 1.
    You submit application and conclude the agreement with Kharkov Chamber of Commerce and Industry.
  • 2.
    You obtain invoice for payment of services and pay it.
  • 3.
    You present to the expert the full set of documents.
  • 4.
    The expertise is conducted! And you may obtain the expert expertise report.

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