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Price inquiry, price confirmation for tenders

Information about the level of prices will help you to understand market conditions before entering into a contract or to confirm the change in the price of goods in case of the long-term contract.

When carrying out public procurement procedures, the customer should take into account the real market value of the subject to be purchased. Lack of this information could lead to conclusion of the contract based on unreasonably high prices, and this, in turn, will cause conducting checks by regulatory authorities.

Experts of the Business Information Department conduct market research and provide information references on the price level.

We provide the following price information:
  • reference on the level of prices for goods on the market of Ukraine and the Kharkov region, world commodity markets and markets of some countries
  • reference on selling prices of manufacturers of goods and providers of services
  • reference prices for main goods that are exported from Ukraine or imported to Ukraine
  • price statistics
What the reference on the price level is required for?

The pricing information enables to used efficiently public funds, justify approval or introduction of changes in the annual procurement plan and have the documented confirmation of legality of actions in the case of checks.

In case of misunderstandings in the process of the audit, specialists of the Kharkov Chamber of Commerce and Industry are ready to provide professional legal advice and assistance not only in Kharkov, but also at the international level.

Price references of the Kharkov Chamber of Commerce and Industry are accepted for consideration:

  • by tender committees to justify the level of prices for goods to be purchased;
  • by tax authorities during inspections;
  • by the customs authorities in determining the customs value of goods;
  • by judicial and law enforcement authorities.


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