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general issues, export, logistics

- 095 399 09 14

legal issues, force majeure

- 050 301 36 36 - 050 312 84 04

trademarks, bar codes

- 0503057780

inventory count

- 050 305 77 80

starting a business, business closure

- 073 511 00 09

issue of certificates of origin

- 050 406 88 82

сommodity pre-loading examination

- 050 305 77 80

determination of UKTZED codes and export control

- 050 405 09 80

HR issues in conditions of martial law

- 050 145 21 95

accounting and taxation

- 050 407 70 08

price certificates and property appraisal

- 050 405 10 85 - 050 405 09 80

translation of documents

- 099 470 17 15 - 093 771 64 66

recording of damage to movable, immovable property for compensation or write-off, confirmation for banks, partners or other organizations

- 050 305 77 80

Organization and conducting presentations

Organization and conducting of company presentations


The presentation is one of the tools for provision of a successful advertising campaign. Organizing and conducting the presentation is a responsible work, implementation of which shall be assigned exclusively to specialists. A well-organized and brightly conducted presentation made by professionals can turn potential clients into real ones, that is, contribute to the prompt conquest of the target audience.

The Department of Foreign Economic Relations and Organizational Work organizes presentation of goods and services in Kharkiv for national and foreign enterprises.

Kinds of presentations:

Presentation of goods and services of national manufacturers in the Ukrainian market.
Presentation of goods and services of national manufacturers in the foreign markets.
Presentation of goods and services of foreign manufacturers in the Ukrainian market.
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Presentations in Kharkiv


  • preparation and decoration of premises, taking into account the format of the event (see also rent of a conference hall in Kharkiv), if necessary - search and rent of premises;
  • preparation of the presentation program, as well as packages of necessary information materials;
  • distribution of invitations, advertising and POS materials;
  • accreditation of media professionals selected to cover the event;
  • preparation of coffee breaks and recruitment of experienced service staff;
  • production of printing and souvenir products;
  • professional photo and video shooting;
  • modern technical equipment.
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