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Organization and conduct of company presentations

A presentation is one of the instruments to conduct successful advertising campaign. Preparation and conduct of a presentation is the responsible work that should be delegated only to the specialists. The competent and vivid presentation created by professionals can turn leads to clients or, in other words, help quickly win target audience.

The Department of External Economic Relations and Organizational Work organizes and conducts presentations of goods and services of the domestic and foreign enterprises.

Types of presentations:
  • Presentation of goods and services of the domestic manufacturers on the Ukrainian markets.
  • Presentation of goods and services of the domestic manufacturers on the foreign markets.
  • Presentation of goods and services of the foreign manufacturers on the Ukrainian markets.
The organization of presentations from experts - Kharkov Chamber of Commerce and Industry
We can arrange for you:
  • arrangement and decoration of premises with regards to the type of an event (please see to rent conference hall in Kharkov), if necessary – search and rent of premises;
  • preparation of a presentation programme, and also the necessary informational materials;
  • distribution of invitations, advertising and POS materials;
  • accreditation of media representatives chosen for coverage of an event;
  • arrangement of coffee-breaks and selection of experienced service personnel;
  • preparation of printed products and souvenirs;
  • professional photography and video recording;
  • latest technological facilities.

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Olena Vasylyeva
Vice President, Head of Department of FER and Organizational Works E-mail: lena@kcci.kharkov.ua
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