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Examination of contracts

In most cases, parties that conclude a business agreement prepare and sign the agreement. In such document, obligations and rights of each party are exactly specified. In other words, the agreement is a guarantee of a strict fulfillment by contracting parties of their obligations.

In order to check whether the agreement is prepared properly in legal terms and its provisions infringe your rights, its legal expertise is conducted.

The examination of the agreement is necessary to:
  • avoid the risk of invalidation of the transaction in court;
  • remove provisions that may infringe your legal interests from the agreement;
  • reduce the probability of the a contracting party's delay of payment or failure to pay;
  • take care of compensation for possible losses in advance.
The main objectives of the legal examination of the agreement:

Depending on the customer's wishes, the expert can fulfill an incomplete (a part of the document) or comprehensive examination of the agreement, including:

  • analysis of legal obligations of parties, their powers based on authorizing documents (Charter, power of attorney, etc.);
  • check of correctness of the form of conclusion, compliance of the agreement with its legal status, compliance of agreement provisions to standards specified in the legislation and standards that can be adjusted by the parties;
  • analysis of responsibilities of the parties entering into the agreement (on the basis of the legislation and optional  addenda), compliance with requirements of confidentiality;
  • check and evaluation of conditions, under which it is possible to terminate the transaction;
  • study of the agreement text for its content and certainty of the wording.

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