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Expert appraisal of agreements and contracts

Do you need to check an important contract,
but you do not have an in-house lawyer?
We will check the agreement in terms of protection of your
interests and make the necessary amendments.

These are the types of contracts, in respect of which
we can provide you with assistance:

Contracts related to foreign economic activity
Contracts related to foreign economic activity
Contract of sale
Contract of sale
Supply contract
Supply contract
Lease agreement
Lease agreement
Loan agreement
Loan agreement
Leasing agreement
Leasing agreement
Custodial services agreement
Custodial services agreement
Contracts of carriage
Contracts of carriage
Pay your attention:

The Chamber's lawyers also have vast experience in the expert appraisal of other types of agreements/contracts

Expert appraisal of agreements from the KCCI

Why the expert appraisal of the contract is required

Protection of your legal rights and interests
Avoidance of potential risks
Making a good deal

How the expert appraisal is carried out:


The draft agreement/contract is sent by e-mail or brought in person. The expert appraisal can be carried out as follows:

  • oral comments;
  • introduction of amendments to the draft agreement/contract and their agreement with an applicant.
  • Analysis of the subject of the agreement/contract
  • Analysis of the rights and obligations of the parties
  • Analysis of the terms of execution of the agreement/contract
  • Analysis of the procedure for fulfilling obligations
  • Analysis of settlements under the agreement/contract
  • Analysis of the law governing a contract/contract
Expert appraisal of agreements - agency in Kharkiv
600 UAH
especially for private entrepreneurs!
Development of a competent agreement for your type of business between residents of Ukraine from 600 UAH. (Depending on complexity)

Are you ready to check an agreement?


Bring an application and an agreement/contract or send them to e-mail: nat@kcci.kharkov.ua


Agree on the timing and cost with an expert and make the payment


Get verbal comments or an agreement with edits

we guarantee:

You will receive a professional examination just in time!

Expert appraisal of agreements for experts

Risks of an independent
drawing up of a contract:


☝ The use of a template from the Internet without taking into account the specific conditions of your transaction.

☝ The absence of essential terms of the contract may entail its invalidation.

☝ The failure to comply with the legal requirement for certain types of contracts.

☝ Fraud by unscrupulous partners.


Tax sanctions
Tax sanctions
Fines and forfeits <br> charged by counterparties
Fines and forfeits
charged by counterparties
do you need a lawyer`s advice?
If you have any questions about the expert appraisal of agreements/contracts, contact the lawyers of the Chamber:
122 Б, пр. Героев Харькова (быв. Московский), г. Харьков, 61037, Украина
Natalia Mashchenko - Head of the legal department
Natalia Mashchenko

Head of the legal department

frequently asked questions from our clients
What is the term for the expert appraisal of a contract?
The expert appraisal of a contract is carried out within 1–3 working days. Depending on the complexity, the term can be increased up to 7 working days.
What are the mandatory sections of an agreement?
According to the legislation of Ukraine, the mandatory conditions that should be reflected in the agreement are: the subject, value and validity period of the agreement. However, this does not mean that there cannot be any other sections in the agreement. In the absence of one of the above mandatory conditions, the contract is considered not concluded. It should be noted that the more detailed the provisions of the agreement are, the greater the likelihood of obtaining legal protection of your rights and interests.
Can someone other than the company’s director sign an agreement?
An agreement can be signed by the director or a person authorized by him/her. Such person can act on the basis of a power of attorney, order or other document. In this case, it is important to pay attention to the fact whether such authorized person is empowered to sign the agreement.
In what form can an agreement be concluded?
According to the legislation of Ukraine, an agreement can be concluded orally or in writing. The oral form is used, for example, in retail. The written form of an agreement is used when making deals: between legal entities; between individuals and legal entities, except for cases when the agreement is concluded orally; between individuals, if a deal is concluded for an amount exceeding a non-taxable minimum income of citizens 20 or more times; in other cases, when a written form is established by law.
122 B, Geroev Kharkiv Ave (former Moskovsky)., Kharkov, 61037, Ukraine
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