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ATA Carnet

The ATA carnet is an international customs document used for temporary duty-free admission of the goods to the customs territory of the member state of the Istanbul Convention. Ukraine is a member of the Istanbul Convention since 2004. On March 1, 2008, Ukraine became a full member of the ATA International System. It took place after Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Ukraine joined the International Network of Guarantee Associations..

ATA acronym is combination of French (admission temporaire) and English (temporary admission) terms and is translated into Russian as “temporary admission”.

Guidelines on obtaining and use of ATA carnets.

Procedure for obtaining ATA carnets.

Applications for legal entities.

Applications for natural persons.

Cost of services on preparation of ATA carnet.

Advantages of use of ATA carnet

  • The document exempts conditionally from payment of duties, import levies and taxes for the time up to one year.

  • ATA carnet is a valid international guarantee of payment of duties, import levies and taxes in case of violation of the temporary admission rules.

  • This customs document is accepted by customs authorities of the importing country instead of national customs documents.

  • No filling additional customs documents at customs border crossing check points is required.

  • To provide temporary admission (transit) to (through) several member countries, ATO cargo may be cleared with the use of one ATA carnet.

Purposes and application fields of goods admitted with the use of ATA carnet:
  • Use of professional equipment for the purpose of manufacture;
  • Guest performances;
  • Demonstration at exhibitions, fairs, shows;
  • Sports competitions;
  • Commercial samples;

Hhe ATA carnets shall not be used for the goods intended for modification or repair.

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Kinds of goods admitted with the use of ATA carnet:
Industrial equipment and products Photographic and filmographic equipment Jewelry Clothes Medical equipment
Artistic articles and works of art Animals Archeological exhibits Theatrical costumes and stage setting Computers, etc..

The specialists of the Kharkov Chamber of Commerce and Industry were qualified according to Program “Functioning of ATA carnet system in Ukraine”. Having an experience of many years in the field of customs declaring, they will try their best to exclude any questions to your cargo documents from inspecting authorities.



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