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ATA Carnet

What is ATA carnet?


The ATA Carnet is an international customs document used for a temporary duty-free import of goods to the customs territory of a member state of the Istanbul Convention. Ukraine joined this convention in 2004. Ukraine became a full member of the international ATA system on March 1, 2008. This happened after the entry of the Ukraine Chamber of Commerce and Industry into the Global Network of Guaranteeing Associations.

The ATA acronym is a combination of French (admission temporaire) and English (temporary admission) terms, and is translated into Russian as «temporary admission».


1. The cost of the service on issuing ATA carnet in the normal mode (10 working days) is UAH 2475.00. + EUR 8.00 * + 20% VAT

2. The cost of the service on issuing an ATA carnet in the urgent mode (3 working days) UAH 4950.00. + EUR 8.00 * + 20% VAT

3. The cost of the service on issuing ATA carnet in the express mode (1 working day) UAH 7425.00. + EUR 8.00* + 20% VAT

4. The cost of an additional set of tear-off documents is UAH 360.00 + 20% VAT

5. Refusal to issue ATA carnet ** costs UAH 1700.00 + 20% VAT

* The contribution to the international organization (the World ATA Carnet Council) is converted into the national currency of Ukraine at the NBU rate on the date of making the agreement.

** If the ATA carnet is not issued through the fault of the Customer or the Customer refuses to receive the ATA carnet, the Kharkiv CCI returns to the Customer the funds paid for the ATA carnet issue service, with the exception of the amount provided for refusal to issue the ATA carnet.

In order to guarantee payment of the customs duties and charges in case of violation of the temporary import / transit regime or the provisions of the Convention on Temporary Admission (Istanbul, 1990) and according to the world practice, the Customer deposits the security funds (30% of the cost of the goods specified in the ATA carnet) or else some other guarantees (bank guarantee, insurance police) are provided, which could in the future ensure payment by the Kharkiv Chamber of Commerce and Industry to the foreign customs authorities of customs duties and fees if necessary. The amount of security funds and the period of their storage (validity period of the bank guarantee) are specified in the agreement on ATA carnet.

Purpose and spheres of application of the goods exported with the use of ATA carnets:

concert tours, demonstration at exhibitions, fairs, shows;
use of professional equipment in production operations;
sport competitions;
use of goods as commercial samples.
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АТА carnet in Kharkiv


The document conditionally exempts from payment of duties, import charges and taxes for period up to one year.
The ATA Carnet is a valid international guarantee of payment of duties, import charges and taxes in case of violation of the rules of temporary import.
This customs document is accepted by the customs authorities of the importing country instead of national customs documents.
No filling in any additional customs documents at the checkpoints across the customs border.
For temporary import (transit) to (through) several countries participating in the ATA system, the cargo can be issued with the use of one ATA book (carnet).
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АТА carnet in Ukraine

Kinds of goods with are exported by ATA carnets:

industrial equipment and products
industrial equipment and products
photographic and filmographic equipment
photographic and filmographic equipment
medical equipment
medical equipment
art products and works of art
art products and works of art
archaeological exhibits
archaeological exhibits
theatrical costumes and stage sets
theatrical costumes and stage sets
computers, etc.
computers, etc.
FOP Shepel Alexander Vladimirovich
We addressed to Kharkiv CCI for preparation of the ATA Carnet documen, because our company regularly takes part in international exhibitions. The procedure for obtaining an ATA carnet takes much less time than going through all customs formalities. The specialists of the Cargo Declaration Department always promptly answer our questions and assist in solving any problems. Thank you for your cooperation
FM «Hladoprom»
«Hladoprom», Ltd., took part in the exhibition using the ATA carnet. Everything went well - we easily and quickly crossed the border without worrying about the presentation of additional documents
PJSC Energouchyot
Our company regularly takes part in international exhibitions, to which we bring our equipment for testing. In our case, the ATA carnet is the easiest and fastest way of preparation since the list of documents is minimal and you need to prepare them only once before sending the goods. There were no difficulties with crossing the border.
Kharkov machine-building plant «FED»
We regularly export goods for testing using the ATA Carnet. We are very satisfied since there is no need to pay customs duties, in contrast to preparation of a declaration of temporary export and import.
122 B, Geroev Kharkiv Ave (former Moskovsky)., Kharkov, 61037, Ukraine
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