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Export control


The non-governmental examination in the field of export control is one of the measures to control the international transfer of military and dual-use goods. Along with other procedures, the examination in the field of export control is carried out in accordance with international obligations of Ukraine and the principles of national security.

This examination of goods is a mandatory condition, on the basis of which a decision is made on the possibility of international transfers of military goods, dual-use goods and other goods, which, in accordance with the law, are subject to state export control.

The Kharkiv Chamber of Commerce and Industry has a Certificate of the State Export Control Service of Ukraine for obtaining the authority to conduct preliminary identification of goods in the field of state export control from 10.06.2019 under No. 009-06/ 2022.

Carrying out of such examination can be necessary both for export and import of the goods, depending on the requirements of regulatory documents.

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Export control in Kharkiv

The following are subject to export control:

dual-use goods (goods that can be used for both civilian and military purposes);
military goods (ammunition, military and special equipment, components, etc.);
goods that relate to nuclear activities and can be used for the development of nuclear weapons;
goods that can be used in creation of chemical, biological and toxic weapons;
missile technology products, equipment, materials and technologies, including those after appropriate modifications, which are used or can be used in the creation of missile weapons.
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