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The team LLC Texco Ukraine is an official representative of the German company VEIT GmbH.

The company’s range of equipment includes items from the traditional ironing tables and presses to the fusing machines and highly automated systems such as tunnel finishers and packing machines. Additionally, Texco Ukraine offers a wide range of services, including informational seminars, practical training, designing, construction and launching of steam lines.

We invite You to the seminar of hand ironing and fusing, thermofixation of material, which will be held in Kharkiv, from the 23d till 26th of April.

Location: Kharkiv Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Moscow Ave. 122B.

Seminar program:

23th, 25th of April – the topic of hand ironing, and work on the Multiform – the specialist – Ulf Gehlhaus.

24th, 26th of April – the topic of fusing and thermofixation – the specialist – Axel Baumans.

During the seminar, will be a presentation of Veit equipment, the representatives will explain about the new products and discuss the knowhow in the light industry and on practice will be discussed the all issues in the sphere of hand ironing and fusing.

For the practical part of the seminar, participants are gladly invited to take their 2D, 3D ready products and together with the specialists have a practice in a processing. During the seminar, experts will be able to answer all Your questions and solve the problems with the fusing materials, vlieseline, woven and non-woven interlinings, dry and long fibre fabrics, heavy and light, You will find all answers and practical solutions to all of Your questions during our event.

Seminar participants will be divided into 2 groups:

Group 1 (23-24 April)
Group 2 (25-26 April)

This is done in order to all participants have the opportunity to practice on the equipment with their samples and to communicate with the company representatives as much as possible.

Participation in the seminar is FREE! To applicate the participation, please go through the registration link: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSeHFU4pOcu9DOAtXel4lo4Gl9niSNEPAGHRyLeMUv9fVaufYw/viewform?usp=sf_link

For further questions, please contact the Kharkiv Chamber of Commerce and Industry in any convinient way: tel.: (057) 751-99-46 or E-mail: mars@kcci.kharkov.ua, contact person Anna Gaivoronskaya.

After the registration, the project manager will contact You.


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23-26 April 2019
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