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Arbitration Court attached to Chamber

The main task of the Arbitration Court consists in protection of property and non-property rights and law-protected interests of individuals and legal entities by means of all-around consideration and settlement of disputes according to the law. The rules and procedure of arbitration consideration are established by the Regulation and Procedure of the Arbitration Court attached to Kharkov Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

The awards taken by the Arbitration Court are fulfilled by the parties in voluntary way, are final and may not be appealed. In case of non-fulfillment of taken award voluntarily, enforcement fulfillment shall come into force, as provided for by the Law of Ukraine “On enforcement proceeding”.

Advantages of consideration of disputes at Arbitration court of the Chamber
  • Promptitude::
    as a rule, settlement of disputes at the Arbitration Court is achieves very quick, as sets it apart from court of general jurisdiction.

  • Confidentiality:
    Without consent of the parties, the data which became known during consideration of the case may not be published by the Arbitration Court.

  • Right for choice:
    The parties are entitled to choose arbitrators, place of holding Arbitration court session and language of hearing.

  • Finality of award
    оf Arbitration Court and possibility to appeal it only on procedural basis.

  • Immediate coming of award
    of the Arbitration Court into legal force and possibility of its enforcement.

Cases subject to consideration by Arbitration Court
  • Assertion on property title (except for real estate).
  • Invalidation of agreements subject to notarial certification and concluded in simple form,in cases when full or partial performance of agreement took place, but one of the parties avoided notarial certification;
  • Settlement of disputes connected with conclusion, alteration, termination of economic and civil agreements on: purchase-sale of goods, performance of works, provision of services, exchange of goods and services, carriage of cargoes and passengers, trade representation and intermediary, rent (leasing), scientific and technological exchange, major construction, licensing operations, insurance and other disputes;
  • Settlement of disputes connected with performance of economic and civil agreements, including those with collection of debts, losses and penalties and enforcement of fulfillment of contractual obligations;
  • Settlement of disputes connected with reclamation of property from alien unlawful possession;
  • Other cases, arising from civil and economic legal relations, except for the cases determined by the Law of Ukraine “On arbitration courts”.

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