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Entry to Non-State Register of Reliable Partners

A stable financial state of your enterprise is a guarantee of reliability and confidence, a prerequisite a successful establishment of mutually beneficial relations with foreign partners.

The Department of Foreign Economic Relations and Organizational Work offers its services on entering (registration) of enterprises to the Non-State Register of Reliable Partners including the enterprises, which financial state confirms their reliability as partners in business activities conducted both in the territory of Ukraine and abroad.


The Register of Reliable Partners includes the enterprises mrrting following requirements:
  • an enterprise is a legal entity that is established and acts in accordance with the current legislation of Ukraine;
  • an enterprise has not been loss-making for the last two years;
  • an enterprise does not have past due debts on bank loans;
  • economic indices of an enterprise correspond to those defined for entering to the Register.
How to be registered in the Register of Reliable Partners?

Enrolment is based on an application signed by a head of an enterprise. The application shall enclose the following photocopies authorized by a head of an enterprise:

  • statutory documents;
  • certificate of state registration;
  • enterprise balance statement (form №1) and reports on forms №2, №3, №4, №5 (all reports are annual);
  • declarations on currency values, income, and assets belonging to the resident of Ukraine and are currently outside of the country (with a mark from the tax authorities);
  • statements about absence of the past due debts on bank loans;
  • standard registration card authorized by a head and chief accountant of an enterprise (a form of the card can be obtained from the Department of External Economic Relations);
  • consent on sharing the information on the specific clauses of the registration card to the third parties.

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