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In the majority of cases, the court trial is a durable and expensive procedure which you often may avoid and settle the dispute that arose with minimum losses for the parties. To achieve this, sometimes it is sufficient simply to prepare in a quality manner the appropriate claim to be sent to the other party. In other cases, an intervention of a professional intermediary is required. He organizes negotiations between the parties proposes them those touch points and possible compromises which will make it possible not only to avoid considerable financial losses of both parties but also will leave the possibility for further mutually beneficial cooperation.
The procedure of such intervention is usually known in the world as “mediation”.

In any case, prior to taking decision on filing lawsuit, it is better to take a professional consultation from employees of the Kharkov Chamber of Commerce and Industry. Our lawyers will help you to find the correct solution of the encountered problem with minimum expenses.

Advantages of mediation from the Chamber
  • ONLY search for constructive solutions and not determination of degree of guilt of the parties;
  • longevity and reliability of achieved agreements;
  • minimum material and time expenditures and emotional stress;
  • neutral attitude of mediator;
  • ABSOLUTE confidentiality;
  • possibility to continue mutually beneficial business relations in case of reconciliation.
Which is difference between mediation and court trial?
  • 1.
     Mediation is a voluntary process, so it may be started only at the shared desire of the parties to the dispute.
  • 2.
     Absence of attributes of the court trial sets for cooperation and relives psychological tension of the dispute parties.
  • 3.
     The parties may choose the mediator at their own discretion.
  • 4.
     Mediation is a quick procedure. Sometimes it is possible to reach a consensus on issues of dispute for several hours. The main thing is to wish it.
  • 5.
     Viable decisions taken with consideration of points of view of both parties, while the court, as a rule, renders an award only in favor of one of the parties. Infringing upon interests of the other party.
Your negotiations are at a dead-set? You need services of mediator!
How is run mediation procedure?
  • Meeting of conflicting parties and mediator. Explanation by mediator of the rules of procedure.
  • The parties present their attitudes and then exchange opinions on the appropriate attitudes under control of the mediator.
  • The mediator talks personally with each of the parties. The following step consists in formulation of questions and work on differences.
  • Preparation and signing the agreement acceptable for both parties. Withdrawal from mediation.

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