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Disputes with state authorities

According to Article 3 of the constitution of Ukraine, assertion and provision of rights and freedoms is the main duty of the state. However the practical experience has shown that these are the state authorities, which the most frequently infringe on rights and freedoms of both business and common people.

The business really has the full-value possibility to protect its rights from infringement on part of the state authorities (including tax and customs ones) by reference to the administrative court. But it should be understood that efficiency of such protection depends directly on correctly chosen strategy of conducting case, quality of preparation of case materials and efficient representation of the party’s interests directly in court session.

The lawyers of Kharkov Chamber of Commerce and Industry help you to protect efficiently your interests in disputes with state bodies (including tax and customs ones), as well as local self-government authorities.

Chamber’s services on disputes settlement:
  • Making statements of claim and complaints in response to illegal actions of state and local self-government authorities;
  • Representation of company’s interests at state and law-enforcement authorities;
  • Appealing decisions on imposing administrative punishments or application of financial penalties;
  • Acknowledgement of invalidity of tax assessment notices;
  • Appealing and contestation of decision/ official documents of state authorities;
  • Appealing actions consisting in refusal to issue license or permit;
  • Representation of interests at court.


We guarantee:
Detail knowledge of taking-decision procedure in state power structures, a huge practical experience in settlement of such disputes.
Provision of full information and legal servicing, Timely response to client’s problems.
Adherence tonon-disclosure principle for any information received during conducting disputes with state authorities.

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If you met with unlawful actions of state authorities infringing on your rights, address to Kharkov Chamber of Commerce and Industry for consultation, and we’ll professionally represent your in such disputes!

Mashchenko Natalya
Head of Legal Department E-mail: nat@kcci.kharkov.ua